R C N T  /  R E O       Cryptocurrency to Realize the Token Economy basedon the Blockchain Social Commerce Platform.

RCNT  /  REO  Introduce

RCNT (REO) Cryptocurrency to Realize the Token Economy basedon the Blockchain Social Commerce Platform.

TRON Public Blockchains is
a Blockchain-based distributed network.
RCNT can be partnering with many tokens in the

TRON Ecosystem


RCNT is a Multi-Platform combined
with 5 features on the following.
1. Social Commerce 2. Blog Media 3. Reward

4. Advertisement 5. Airdrop / AR Game


It uses RCNT (REO) Cryptocurrency to connect users
and merchants. We also offer a variety of services
in conjunction with the blog media, which covers food
specialty content around the world.


RCNT / REO Whitepaper
@ English Version

 RCNT is an abbreviation for Reward Coin Blockchain Network and presents a compensation-oriented Blockchain business model. Its symbol is REO, a compound of Reward Coin's 'RE' and Operations 'collective' Operations 'O'.

@ Korean Version

 RCNT는 Reward Coin Blockchain Network의 약자로 보상중심의 블록체인 비즈니스 모델을 제시하고 있습니다.
RCNT의 심볼은 REO로 Reward Coin의‘R E와’ 기업 활동의 총칭인 Operations의‘O 의’ 합성어입니다.

@ CHINESE Version

RCNT作为 Reward Coin Blockchain Network的缩写, 提出以补偿为中心的集团体商务模式 RCNT的标志为 REO,是 Reward Coin的'RE'和企业活动的总称Operations的'O'的合成词 "以全世界为对象

# 2018 ... RCNT / REO  :  PORTFOLIO

# 2019 ... RCNT / REO  :  PORTFOLIO


Directly operated by RCNT / REO

RCNT / REO is pursuing essence of
Token Economy through the realization of
REO coin based on the establishment of
the first direct store.We are also planning
various events and promotion for user
through the store.

We are planning to acquire existing / new
merchants and various partnership as
well as direct store and have a great
purpose in expanding actual user for
activating Token Economy by REO coin.


Address :
26, Jeongja-ro,
Jangan-gu, Suwon-si,
Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

contact :