RCNT Blockchain.Net

The RCNT (Reward Coin Blockchain Network) Foundation uses
RCNT (REO) Cryptocurrency to Realize the Token Economy based
on the Blockchain Social Commerce Platform.
TRON DApp with the fastest TPS among existing Public Blockchains is
a Blockchain-based distributed network.
RCNT can be partnering with many tokens in the TRON Ecosystem and is considering Interchain partnerships as a result of future technological.

RCNT is a Multi-Platform combined with 5 features on the following.
1. Social Commerce 2. Blog Media 3. Reward 4. Advertisement 5. Airdrop / AR Game

It uses RCNT (REO) Cryptocurrency to connect users and merchants.

We also offer a variety of services in conjunction with the blog media 'Bon appétit', which covers food specialty content around the world.


Token Economy
Blockchain Life

Through the RCNT Platform
You can experience the new blockchain social commerce business model of the new world.

In the past, Groupon, a social commerce platform that bashing the world, was the main purpose of how much discounts of homogeneous products in the form of joint purchase, RCNT Blockchain Social commerce Platform purchases food using its own Cryptocurrency REO
It aims to reimburse a certain amount at REO by evaluating it.
Currently, RCNT is striving to embody the ecology of genuine Cryptocurrency based on processing speed boasting the fastest TPS as DApp of TRON.
This is not only the first step to allowing users to use Cryptocurrency in the Real Economy, but also plays a major role in the development of the Ecosystem of the Cryptocurrency and Brings New Experiences.
The RCNT Foundation aims to develop Blockchain Ecosystems through practical application of Cryptocurrency and various Reward Plans.
We are preparing various events utilizing the platform. RCNT (REO) Cryptocurrency and various tokens in TRON Ecosystem can be AIRDROP by partnership.
Even at affiliated stores that want events, after purchasing RCNT (REO) and partnership tokens, we are building business model such as doing air drop events inside and outside the store.


RCNT Blockchain.Net
      with   Bon appétit Blockchain.Net

Synchronization of smartphone application and blog site composed of block chain ecosystem

Blockchain Social Commerce RCNT Mobile Application rewards users who provide quality content through collaborations with food blogs around the world and offers more rewards through an additional compensation plan. Join the community that RCNT, its merchants, consumers, creators and participant all collaborate together.

SNS Blog

Developing content creators
through blog media linking.


Reward of a percent amount.
Reward through creation and recommendation.


Ad revenue model through business
Ads, Events, and Advertisers.

AR Game

Various token AIRDROP events
through AR GAME.

Our Services

Take advantage of RCNT Mobile Application location information can get reviews about the surrounding around the world Restaurant through comments.
Through the purchase and evaluation, get compensation from the RCNT Foundation and Franchise Stores.
Provide quality information to countless users by creating reviews Therefore, consumers can "recommend" to review creators. The RCNT Foundation for the development of the ecosystem Creator (Creator) + Participant (Gallery) + Merchant (Union)
A platform for compensation with RCNT (REO) Cryptocurrency.

We can only learn to love by loving.

Our Work

RCNT Foundation gives more reward opportunities to creators of content and aims to produce good quality content through good competition. We promise a variety of rewards for excellent bloggers and supports training and sponsorship of professional bloggers through the RCNT platform. Furthermore Our purpose is establishment of Win-Win strategy platform for increasing revenue of RCNT, Merchants, Consumers, Creators and Participants. In addition, We are planning various events, partnership tokens is airdropped as an augmented reality game through partnership.

We are advertis'd by our loving friends.


When you select the menu, wallet screen is seen basically. RCNT has a built-in wallet function.
You can check the amount of REO you have and the converted amount in dollars, and also provide TRX exchange price.
We will support REO to TRX exchange function in the future. 

Below in the screen, you can check the Partnership token balance in your wallet.
We also provide deposit and withdrawal functions.
The  REO in your wallet can be support is planning to the country's legal currency for each service country.

REO will provide support for deposits and withdrawals through a partnership with the listed exchange.
You can basically choose Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bars and Events in the beta version.
"More" will provide more categories and services through the upgrade process to become a formal service in the future.
Not only ordering delivery food, but we will focus on businesses that need providing information and sharing 

with reviewers such as Hotels, Culture and Arts performances.
The selected category will appear as an icon on the map, and you will see the information below 
when you touch it. 
On the map, based on the current location, the Gold coin (REO), Silver coin (Partnership) icon is displayed.
This is the current AIRDROP, which is a coin that no one can get. After you get the coin, it will disappear on the map, and the exposure

frequency will be random. Partners can specify or specify bare frequencies based on random and regional designations.
For example, opening a ceremony in a newly opened store, you can attract attention through AIRDROP inside and around the business.
More detailed settings can be confirmed in the website after the business model.

This is a detailed description that will be developed after touching the desired store after selecting a Mobile Application category.
Basically, you can see the commodity price and % compensation It is also possible to check the score by users' evaluation.
You can monitor your preference hierarchy and receive repurchase rewards through a partnership between stores and stores.
You can also get prior information from reviews before purchasing, as well as reviews and rewards of review authors.
More information is available via 'Bon appetit'.


The RCNT Mobile Application lock screen and ad viewing capabilities within the Application make it easier
to get RCNT (REO) Cryptocurrency and partnership tokens when you look at ads.
By linking strategic partnerships with 'REVENUE', an advertising revenue sharing platform that is TRON Dapp,
We will provide an environment where you can easily place ads at lower prices on individuals and companies that want to advertise around the world.
The RCNT Foundation has been able to attract more stable advertisements by partnership with 'REVENUE'.
'REVENUE' will be released in the future.


RCNT Foundation do AIRDROPS on the Mobile Application map for ecosystem development and users' new world experience.
You can get a coin through Augmented Reality Games like a 'Poket Monster' game that hit the world, and the coin you obtained is your own wallet.
Coins can be used at any time within the RCNT Ecosystem.
Tokens with a partnership are also available for AIRDROP and use.

Get AIRDROPED coins around us like a 'Poke monster' augmented reality game.
Details of AR GAME will be released later.
Various quests and coin monsters are waiting for you.
AIRDROPED COINs do not know when to reappear, so we recommend a quick way to get them.
As a coin you can use it with your family or lover's friends at the RCNT Stores.
I always support you.


S T O R E S     P A R T N E R S H I P

Events hosted by merchants.
Air Drop, Voucher, Rewards Plus, etc.


T O K E N     P A R T N E R S H I P

Various token events through partnerships in the TRON Ecosystem.
Air Drop, Voucher, Offline Merchant Support, Rewards Plus, etc.


Total Supply 100 Billion

Air Drop

5 billion
Provided as Tron Network, SNS Media,
RCNT Platform.

Reward Fund

10 billion
Rewards for creators,  galleries and union.

Technology Acquisition

5 billion
Technology Acquisition for RCNT Ecosystem.

Token Sale

40 billion
Sales through tronscan deal, private sale, pre-sale, and main sale.

Advisors and Partnerships

5 billion
Take advantage of Advisors and Partnerships


35 billion
Foundation holdings 50% (2 year lock-up),
Reserve 1 & 2, Security, Bounties.

AIRDROP 5 Billion

5 Billion RCNT(REO) reach you through the AIRDROP.
We are provided to join together through Various Media.
Enjoy your Air Drop with Family, Friends and Colleagues.


AIRDROPS are paid to users worldwide. Here's how you pay.

First, a random payment method using tronscan.
Second, payment method using SNS media.          
Third, AR GAME payment method using RCNT Mobile Application.


The images attached to the site are images that are actually being developed and screen mockups to help some understanding.
All the stated amounts in the App are also virtual amounts.
The RCNT App is currently in beta release and beta testing in 2019.

We want to be together.
RCNT is always mindful of the Various Extensibility.
RCNT will explore a variety of business models through partnerships.
Payment systems, Wallets, Decentralized exchanges, Media platforms, Advertising platforms and more
We will be one in the name of Cryptocurrency
We hope to be with the enthusiastic partners who want to contribute to the development of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.




R      C      N      T      -      P      L      A      N

Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2018
Tronscan Deal
Private Sale
Pre sale
Main Sale
Beta Test
Formal Service

2018 Q4
Tronscan Deal
Private Sale

2019 Q1
Pre Sale
 RCNT Alpha Release
Google Play, App Store Download

2019 Q2

Main Sale I
Main Sale II
Listing Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

2019 Q3
Established RCNT Retail Stores
Open a Franchise
 RCNT Beta Release
RCNT Pre Open Beta Test

Bon appétit Pre Open Beta Test

2019 Q4
RCNT Open Beta Test

Bon appétit Open Beta Test

2020 Q1
Formal Service & Monitoring
Final Completion

T E A M   M E M B E R S

Tony Lim
Founder & CEO

Si. Investment, Co-Founder
Performing Art, Producer
PMM Academy & Entertainment, CEO
Market Maker


sang sun Kim

Lexmark, korea,
Firmware Research Engineer,
Technical Support Team
IBM Infoprint, Korea, Technical Support Team


young shin Jo

Mining House, CEO
YP. Investment, Founder
MH Industry, Managing
Market Maker


dong yeon Kim

Blockchainomics, CMO


ji won Kim

Blockchainomics,  Director


seung won Kim

Blockchainomics,  Director


sang uk Choi
Sales & Marketing Manager

YP. Investment, Sales & Marketing Manager
Market Maker


Edward Park

Si. Investment, Co-Founder
Samsung Electronics Logitech, Customer Management Team
Market Maker


ok kyun Lim
R & D Manager,


LG Electronics, Assistant Research Engineer 


kyung hwan Kim

Shinhan-card, korea

(Industrial bank of korea)
Hana-card, korea
Eb-card, korea
S/W Team


Julia Song
Video Designer

KBS media, Manufacturing Team


Emily Song

Reindeer, Designer
Onyou Design, Designer


International Manager (USA)

YP. Investment, resident employee


zhao yuan shi
International Manager (CHINA)

Master of Economic and Trade University


xian he
International Manager (CHINA)

Beijing University of Foreign Economics & Trade Master of International Trade China


james Lee

Han-yang University, Korea, Instructor
YOLO/GLEX Meetup, Founder


Antoine Morvan

Bon appétit, Planning Manager
Restaurant "La fromentine", France, Chef
Restaurant "La cigale", France,  Chef de Partie


yong woo Cho

MH Industry, CEO


soon dal Hong

Cheonan International Jazz Street, Founder & Director
International Jazz Exchange Association, Founder & Chairman
Seoul Solist Jazz Orchestra, Founder & Director
Kyung-Hee university, Korea, adjunct professor
Bae-Jae university, Korea, adjunct professor


gae hwan Lim

Oasis Record Studio,
Former Director
Lead Sound Studio,
Former Director
KASA (korea Association Of Sound Artists),
Former Director
River Entertainment, CEO
Mixing & Recording,
동방신기, 보아, 리쌍, 버즈, 안치환, 유리상자, 강타, 테이, 김장훈, 임재범, 김현철, 조성모,  업타운, 이소라, 최재훈, 윤상, 유재하(추모앨범), 임창정, 박혜경, 이현우, 최재훈, 현진영, 김현정, 더원, 프론티어즈(ccm), 마커스 1집(ccm)


kyung su Lee

Say Art, Founder
Rosebay Studio, Music Director Engineer
Kyung-Hee university, Korea, adjunct professor
Kei-Myung university, Korea, adjunct professor
Joong-Bu university, Korea, adjunct professor
Myoung-Ji College, Korea, adjunct professor


jae won choi

Samsung Electronics, engineer